Telemarketing Training

Telemarketing Course is new way of Effective Marketing

Telemarketing – effective use of telephone as a sales tool

Telephone Selling Skills


A Two day workshop teaches the telephone sales process and how it is affected by each customer’s particular situation. The skills taught and learned will boost company’s sales and profitability. The seminar participants will pinpoint customer concerns over the phone and determine how their company, product, or service can provide meaningful value to the customer, even in a competitive or saturated market. A direct focus on Banking industry with emphasis on how to make your Bank stand out between other competitors

Outbound Telemarketing Selling Skills seminar is designed to help outbound sales professionals focus on ways to succeed via proven sales processes and telesales tools that deliver improved results. Simple yet effective sales theories are central to this program and are taught in an environment that enables sales professionals to reach customers, increase closing ratios, raise average sale size and improve performance numbers. Various interactive role-plays are used to utilize skills in the participant-driven learning environment. Instructor feedback is provided to all participants so as to allow changes in sales process, habits and other skills to affect sales numbers. Lectures, comprehensive materials, roundtable discussions and fun exercises all function to improve participant success in learning.


Workshop Objectives:


Participants in the Telephone Selling Skills training seminar will experience/learn to:

  • Importance of the tone of voice “ its not what you say its how you say it”
  • Understand the unique sales situations they face in their roles
  • Focus on the accelerated sales cycles encountered via outbound telesales
  • Understand how to deal with customer objections
  • Deal with difficult customers and situations
  • Meet the needs of different buyer types and the interests they represent
  • Understand the difference between telephone and face-to-face selling.
    • Use the telephone selling process so you can sell long-term relationships rather than low bids.
    • Ask intelligent Questions (questioning techniques)
    • Learn to handle difficult objections.
    • A brush up on telephone skills and etiquette
    • Building Rapport over the phone
    • Interview customers instead of pitching products.
    • Think and respond like a business consultant.
    • Telephone images : Active listening , control of the call
      • Understand different buyer types and behaviors so you can adapt to each style and create positive chemistry. ( overview of the 4 major personality types)
      • Determine an optimum strategy for advantage over the competition.
      • Differentiate your product and company Deal with multi-level sales structures.
      • Identify and quantify the costs of sales.
      • Determine opportunity areas for adding value to a customer’s business.


Sample Games, Exercises and Group activities:


Activity 1: (Are you alive ….)

Participants practice using transitions to avoid ling , awkward periods of silence when talking to clients on the phone


Activity 2: (Accentuate the positive …)

Participants learn to let customers know how they will benefit from the way their requests and needs are handled


Activity 3: (Now that’s Rapport …)

Participants read a case study of a client call and identify what the customer service representative did to build a strong rapport with the customer


Activity 4: (Amateur architects …)

Participants practice Open/Closed ended questions techniques with their partners by drawing a house as described by their partners to improve their questioning techniques.


We also help company to setup Telemarketing Team with CRM system.

All our teaching is using Human Senses and It is Non-Script Reading.


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  • December 22, 2015 at 4:04 pm

    would like to know more about telemarketing training

    • March 22, 2016 at 4:22 pm

      Hi Eken,

      Thanks for your enquiry, i know a little bit late but hope not too late.

      All our course is not standard, mostly tailor made for every company request and needs. we can meet you to know your exact requirement and will submit our tailor made program after 1 week.

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