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Setting Up An In-house Call Center For Your Business Telemarketing

Your business may choose to set up its own call center for telemarketing. These guidelines will help make your call center provide the best telemarketing tools and equipment for successful telemarketing or telesales.

Follow these guidelines when setting up your business’s telemarketing call center:

  1. A space for your telemarketing call center should be an area without distractions so the telemarketers can focus on their task. A room with tables or cubicles should be set aside.
  2. Telephones for each telemarketer in the telemarketing call center need to be provided and space for call sheets, scripts, paper for notes, and pens should be available.
  3. Headsets for the telephones can be a helpful tool to the telemarketer in the telemarketing call center so they can hear more clearly and speak without background noises.
  4. A script should be provided for the telemarketer in the telemarketing call center. It should be based on guidelines which can be obtained through most Small Business Administrations offices or through the library, or by using the internet to locate helpful sample scripts.
  5. Call lists for the telemarketers in the telemarketing call center can be obtained through using local services who supply demographically selected names and phone numbers of appropriate prospects who would use the product or service.
  6. A telemarketing call center manager should be hired who has experience in telemarketing and hiring telemarketers. His or her income should be partly based on bonuses that reflect the success of the telemarketers the manager oversees.
  7. Four hour shifts are considered the most efficient calling period to keep the telemarketer fresh and alert, while working in the telemarketing call center.
  8. Check your local newspaper want ad section or other employers to determine the appropriate hourly pay wage for telemarketing call centers. Bonuses are usually part of the telemarketer’s income to encourage sales.
  9. Telemarketing call center training and monitoring telemarketer’s calls are imperative to keeping the message crisp and quality controlled.
  10. Hire telemarketers for your telemarketing call center who have proven experience or who have good telephone skills and phone voices which project clearly. Friendly and good communicators are the basic quality for the telemarketing call center telemarketer.

In-house telemarketing call centers can be very effective when set up according to these guidelines. The reason so many businesses use telemarketing is because it works.

We will help your company to setup a Tele-Marketing unit in your company to increase your sales closing and keep your customer relationship to a new high.


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