Public & HRDF Training Courses

Our Courses offer under SBL Scheme and HRDF Claimable as follows:


  1. Sales Closing Training
  2. Telemarketing Training
  3. Effective Internal Communication
  4. Effective External Communication
  5. Human Resources Skill Training – Interview and Filtering


Non HRDF Claimable Courses as follow:

1. Soft Skills Training

2. Telemarketing Setup (Soft skill to Software)

2. In-House Trainings (Some also HRDF Claimable)

3. In-House Training Setup

4. Leadership Coaching and Training

5. Top Management Coaching and Training.

6. Many HR & Business Consultation (Click Here)






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Andeerson Wong
HRDF Trainer / Corporate Trainer / Speaker
Profiling Pecialist

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