Effective Internal Communication Training

Effective Internal Communication save 30% of Operation cost.

Successful internal communication lies at the heart of any thriving organisation – it delivers information to the right people at the right time, it helps involve and motivate staff and makes a big contribution to effective internal communication, too. If people don’t communicate well teams soon feel out of touch and uninformed.

Our one day internal communication courses are for anybody interested in shaping the communication culture of their organisation. It provides lots of practical tips for improving the way in which people relate and process information.

Course outline

Workplace / Internal Communication Courses in Malaysia

Over the day you will cover:

  • understanding the role and importance of internal communication in
  • informing
  • involving
  • motivating
  • leading
  • clarifying
  • effecting change
  • achieving internal alignment in order to project a coherent image to the outside world
  • minimising stress
  • promoting and modelling an effective and inclusive internal culture
  • the importance of 2 way communication
  • analysing the communication culture of your organization
  • recognising the symptoms of poor communication
  • understanding the causes of poor internal communication (including lack of clarity around vision and mission, lack of ‘belonging’, lack of communication skills, poor/erratic communication procedures, poor communication culture, multi-site working)
  • benchmarking your internal communication
  • conducting an internal communications audit
  • developing an internal communications action plan
  • aims
  • SMART objectives which department should take the lead?
  • identifying champions, the role of champions
  • procedures
  • internal communication methods including
  • team brief and how to use it effectively
  • IT solutions
  • conferences and events
  • newsletters and notice boards
  • quality circles and other peer to peer communication
  • monitoring and evaluating your internal communication

What will this course help me do: learning outcomes?

This course, held in Malaysia, will help you analyse the strengths and weaknesses of your own internal communication and find practical, relevant ways forward. It will introduce you to new ways of improving internal communication and will re-energise you in your quest for good communication! You will leave the course with ideas to implement on your return to your organisation.


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2 thoughts on “Effective Internal Communication Training

  • February 29, 2016 at 5:24 am


    I would like to know details of your internal communications program. Also if you;re able to conduct in-house programs.

    Appreciate if you can email me some information about your company and the programs it offers.

    Thank you.

    • March 22, 2016 at 4:22 pm

      Hi Yusian,

      Thanks for your enquiry, i know a little bit late but hope not too late.

      All our course is not standard, mostly tailor made for every company request and needs. we can meet you to know your exact requirement and will submit our tailor made program after 1 week.

      You can reach me anytime via mobile and now everybody use mobile to start to contact.


      Andeerson Wong


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