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How In-House Training Saves Money, Increases Productivity, and Boosts Morale

One of my former jobs was as a COO for a struggling manufacturing and wholesale distribution business. The company had once had a great reputation and solid products, but by the time I got there, it badly needed a boost.

Employee performance was way down. The company wasn’t hiring the best people, nor was it investing in training programs to develop them. Spending on tools was limited. Generally, the company was mired in a “hunker down and don’t spend” mentality that was driving the business right out of business. The company was quickly becoming a “going concern” to its auditors.

Though the CEO understood that employee education was likely to help, there was no money available to send workers to any kind of training program. So my solution was to take our training in-house. Here’s how we approached it:

Assess the company’s skills shortages

The first thing we did was establish what skills our company lacked, and which ones had a direct impact on employee performance, engagement, and loyalty. We classified all these skills as a high, medium, or low priority. We found that customer service skills, product understanding, and mastery of the company’s computer systems were the most conspicuous skill shortages. We now had our list of urgently needed education topics.

Figure out what experts we already had

All companies have experts – employees who have a more profound knowledge of a particular subject AND an interest in sharing that knowledge with others. First we went to a few of the best front-line customer service employees we had — people with a loyal customer following. They were frustrated with the overall quality of service provided by their peers, and they immediately offered to share what they knew with their coworkers. Then we approached two employees who knew the computer system well and solicited their help; again, they were excited by both the attention and the effort to improve the business.

Build a learning plan for each employee

Initially our plan included one specific skill development topic (like learning the computer system) and two general topics (like communication, or broad customer service), using our in-house experts. We started by creating small classroom programs –  very hands-on – and expanded it to include a self-directed workbook and webinar. We recorded the programs and created a library of topics for all employees to access at their convenience, housed on the company Intranet. Employees were accountable for completing the tests and all the action items in their programs. Follow-up plans were created and managed by the employees’ direct report managers.

Once the initial plan training was completed, employees were free to request other training programs. And they did. We found they wanted more education. This quickly changed the CEO’s perspective of training, particularly about the effectiveness of in-house training.

What we found was an immediate improvement in all performance. And workers responded, too.

  • Our employees learned meaningful skills (that they’d previously lacked) that improved their daily performance.
  • Our employees felt empowered by our attention to their needs, and we had an immediate increase in effort and loyalty.
  • Our employees felt like part of something larger as they both learned and shared what they know.
  • Our employees were rooting for us — they knew that if we could make the program a success, we could prove that it would be worth a larger investment that would allow us to expand our topics and our methods.

Taking training in-house not only allows the customization needed to make generic topics specific to the workplace, but also empowers employees to share what they know for the success of everyone in the organization. Start small. It shows employees the organization’s commitment to learning, growing, improving and performing. Great employees want to work for organizations committed to being better everyday.

In-house Corporate Training

In-house Training is a more effective and at times cost beneficial alternative to other off-site or web-based training program options. SMETraining.Asia’s Training Consultants will thoroughly discuss your business, its vision and mission, challenges and issues, and will work with you to develop your next in-house training program to focus on your business needs, concentrating on the objectives specific to your organisation.

Because the cost saving benefits of bringing training in-house can be so great, reducing employee travel time, travel expenses and additional time away from your employees tasks at hand, most employers find the choice of bringing training on-site is the most effective way to touch an even greater number of employees without the added travel time and expense.

Wherever you have the need SMETraining.Asia In-house Corporate Training can be delivered across the state, country or overseas. Read some case studies on programs SMETraining.Asia has recently delivered in-house.

The decision to bring your training in-house benefits any size organisation from small to large. The size and scope of the training can be customised to suit your needs and may vary from a one day session with 20 attendees to a 10 day session with seven attendees and spread out over 6 months.

Whatever your needs are, SMETraining.Asia will utilise its massive collection of HRDF Malaysia training content to customise a program to suit your organisational objectives.

Benefits of bringing your next training session in-house

  • Cost savings: Considering employees are located on-site, you will benefit from zero additional travel expenses incurred by your employees which can add up to thousands of dollars, and zero additional travel time for the employee. You also have the option to enrol as many employees as you choose, realising a significant savings starting to occur when you enrol above 5 employees.
  • Convenient: We come to you! Minimise time away from your employees job. SMETraining.Asia will also organise training delivery dates and hours to suit your business needs, early morning/nights/weekends. It’s your training – it’s your choice!
  • Confidential: Your company’s confidential material stays in-house.
  • Higher information retention: The key Adult Methodology in learning, shows that the greater the number of employees in attendance – the greater the information retention! Studies show that groups of 10 or more employees who have taken the same session together are able to retain more information due to repetition, discussions and interaction.
  • High return on investment: Increased productivity and lower retention rates. Research shows that employers who invest in their employees by ensuring they have the skills and tools they need to make them more efficient and knowledgeable receive approximately 230% increase in productivity in the employee, and 70% less in retention costs.

Our workshops and training sessions include the following adult learning strategies:

  • Case studies
  • Role-plays
  • Discussions
  • Practice sessions
  • Individual activities
  • Feedback

Who conducts the training?

SMETraining.Asia facilitators are hand picked industry professionals who have successfully worked in their field of expertise for a number of years. Prospective facilitators undertake a rigorous interview and selection process prior to joining SMETraining.Asia’s facilitator pool. To ensure that SMETraining.Asia clients receive the most relevant and appropriate learning experiences, SMETraining.Asia matches the skills and experience of the facilitator with the learning outcomes required and the requirements of the participants.

SMETraining.Asia monitors the performance of its facilitators on a continual basis based on participant feedback, client feedback and observations by the Learning and Development Manager.

Training Feedback

Direct feedback is gathered from evaluation sheets distributed to participants at the conclusion of each course. These evaluation forms are handled confidentially, with a summary of the results being presented to your organisation once the results have been processed.


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