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What is PSMB?


PSMB is an abbreviation for Pembangunan Sumber Manusia Berhad. There are three main functions of PSMB as stipulated under the Pembangunan Sumber Manusia Berhad Act, 2001:

  • To assess and determine the types and extent of employees, training and retaining in keeping with the human resource needs of industries
  • To promote and stimulate manpower training and
  • To determine the terms and conditions under which any financial assistance or other benefits are to be given

PSMB is committed to further encourage and facilitate the retraining and skills upgrading of the workforce to equip specialized and up-to-date skills in line with the ever increasing sophisticated production techniques and demand for quality service in the marketplace.


Objective of PSMB


To encourage employers in the private sector to retain and upgrade the skills of other employees in line with their business needs.


What is the benefit to companies registered with PSMB?


Employers who are registered and pay the levy Human Resource Development levy are eligible to obtain financial assistance for the retaining and skills upgrading for their employees.


Who are eligible to claim from PSMB?


All employers in the following sectors, with 10 or more employees and a paid-up capital of RM2.5 million are mandatory to register with PSMB:

  • Manufacturing companies
  • Hotel
  • Tour operators (in-bound tours only)
  • Telecommunications
  • Computer
  • Shipping
  • Aviation and Advertising industries
  • Freight forwarders
  • Private higher education
  • Training and energy industries
  • Poster services including Courier services
  • Direct selling
  • Port services
  • Engineering Support and maintenance services
  • Research and development
  • Warehousing services
  • Security services
  • Private hospital services
  • Hypermarket, supermarket and departmental store services (Employers are eligible to register provided only they have 50 or more employees)


When can a company apply for grant after registering?


Employers registered and/or incorporated in Malaysia who have registered with PSMB and pay the Human Resource Development levy immediately upon registration are eligible to apply for training grants (financial assistance). Training must be in the area of direct benefits to their business operations.


Who is eligible in utilizing the fund?


Only employees who are citizen of Malaysia and are employed for wages under a contract of service with a local company are eligible for the fund.


What are the types of training grants available?


SBL (Skim Bantuan Latihan)


An employer is allowed to conduct training either on-the-job, off-the-job or combination of both. An employer may also conduct training by engaging internal, external or overseas trainers. Trainers of training providers are not required to be registered with PSMB under this scheme


SBL – KHAS Scheme

The scheme is introduced to assist employers who are facing cash flow problems to continue with their retraining and skills upgrading of workforce programmes during the economic slowdown by using the existing levy balance. The scheme is available to all employers registered with PSMB. Under the scheme, employers do not have to pay or only pay a minimum/small amount upfront cost depending on the rate of financial assistance on each training program. PSMB will directly debit from the employers levy account to pay the training fees to the training providers with the authorization of the employers.

PROLUS (Program Latihan Yang Diluluskan)

This scheme requires training providers to register with PSMB. Subsequent to that, training providers may submit their training programmes which are relevant to employers training needs for the consideration of the ATP (Approved Training Programmes) status. Employers can select any training programme with ATP status, to send their employees for training without the prior approval of PSMB and claim for reimbursements upon the completion of training, subject to terms and conditions imposed by PSMB.


PERLA (Perjanjian Latihan Dengan Penyedia Latihan)

This scheme simply means a Training Agreement Scheme with training providers registered with PSMB. The objective of the scheme is to lessen the financial burden of employers. Employers need not pay the full amount of fees charged for employees retraining/skills upgrade under the scheme with the training providers.

Training are conducted either in-house; training conducted at employer premise or other preferred location but limited to only one employer per training or public; training to be conducted at a preferred location or training provider premise but with several employers/organisations participations.


Is there a limit per day for training grants?


The maximum allowable fee for public programmes is at the rate of RM1,000.00 per day as per Employer Circular 8/2005. Any amount in excess of this will be borne by employers.

Can the fund be used for an in-house programme?


Employers can claim for in-house programme either using local or foreign trainers, but prior approval is required under the SBL or SBL-Khas scheme.


When does an employer need to apply for training grant?


This is subject to the scheme that the employer wishes to participate.

Porlus scheme, no prior approval is needed. Employers will be able to claim the course fees upon completion of the training with proof of participation and receipt for the payment made.

SBL, SBL-Khas and Perla? Employers are required to apply for the grant at least 2 weeks prior to course commencement

Can an employer send an employee for the training and apply for the training grant?


To ensure that in-house programmes are cost effective, PSMB has imposed the minimum number of trainees for a programme according to the size of enterprises as outlines in the Employer Circular No. 7/2003.

Big Enterprises(200 and more employees) Minimum of 10 trainees
Small and medium-sized enterprises(199 and less employees) Minimum of 5 trainees

Employers who have received prior approvals to carry out the programme with the minimum number of trainees are not allowed to reduce the number subsequently.

The maximum number of trainees for a programme as stated in Employer Circular No 3/2004 is as follows:

Technical and Information Technology programme Maximum of 25 trainees
Non-Technical Programme Maximum of 35 trainees


What are the procedures claming for training grants?


Claims for training grants for completed programmes in the current year should be submitted not later than 30 June of the following year. Claims received after this dateline will be rejected. The list of claim forms for the training schemes under HRDF is as follows:

Training schemes Claim forms

  • Trainees attendance list
  • Claim form
  • PSMB/PRO/4/06
  • PSMB/PRO/T/06

  • Levy check list
  • Attendance list
  • Employer claim form
  • Training provider claim form
  • PSMB/PER/LR/06
  • PSMB/PER/2/06
  • PSMB/PER/T1/01
  • PSMB/PER/T2/06


When does an employer need to utilize the levy?


Employers are allowed to fully utilize their levy paid in any particular year. The unutilized levy, if any, will be allowed to be carried forward to the subsequent years. However, this will be reviewed by PSMB from time to time. Currently, employers are allowed to carry forward their unutilized levy for up to 5 years only, after which they will be forfeited. The computation of the 5 years is from the date of liability of an employer or effective from the date of its last claim.


What are the programmes not covered under HRDF?


Employers are not allowed to claim programmes such as seminars, conferences, talks, study tours, forums, physical training, outdoor training, work camps, orientation courses, briefings and undergraduate courses.

Diploma courses that have not obtained the ATP status are also not covered under the HRDF.

We are proud to offer an amazing selection of Sales-Closing, Telemarketing, HR Course  and Communication training courses for 2014, all of which are now approved by Pembangunan Sumber Manusia Berhad (PSMB) so that costs can be reclaimed for eligible businesses and organisations under the HRDF scheme.

With emphasis placed on offering the best structured courses, developed around tried and tested methods used in the United Kingdom, you can be assured that our training sessions are great value, designed to enhance and springboard your business or organisation in their respective sectors. Please do contact us should you have any queries.

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