HRDF Certified Trainer

Andeerson Wong since 2014

Expertise offers:
1. Telemarketing – Sales Closing and Customer Service

2. Leadership Training

3. Corporate Group Motivation with true facts and figures

4. Internal and External Communication

5. Training on HR department for KPI and Recruitment.

6. Middle Management Training on Setup of Working group

7. Top Management Training of Corporate Structure and how to bring effectiveness and Efficiency to company.

8. Training of Company overall Effectiveness and Efficiency (E&E). 70% of the company workforce perform below 50% for such a benchmark.

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“RIGHT People for RIGHT Industry at RIGHT time”

Andeerson Wong
HRDF Trainer / Corporate Trainer  / Speaker
Profiling Specialist

Whatsapp: +60192804672
Line, Telegram and WeChat: +60133804672, +60133194134

Skype ID : andersonwongkl
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HRDF-Cert-Andeerson Wong

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